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Paperscent won the "design fixture" Award at Global Shop

Meet our Canadien Agreed Reseller: C-West Custom Fixtures

PaperscentTM was presented during the “Global Shop” exhibition in Chicago, by our Agreed Reseller C-West Custom Fixtures. 

Our partner designed for the exhibition two digitized furniture integrating the  PaperscentTM technology. One fixture was representing the word of spirits and another one for perfume. That Podium won the first prize in "design fixtures" of the  IIDA Product Design Competition, for the best customer experience in perfume.

We created an experience in partnership with the brand Juliette has a Gun, which proposed to win 3 perfumes of the new Vanilla Vibes Fragrance or promo codes valid on the Brand’s website.

A video indicated the step to follow and when a blotter was pulled out, Consumers could obtain randomly a winning paper strip of the bottle or Promo code.

The experience has been a huge success.

C-West Custom Fixtures works closely with Canadian Retailers to enhance and enrich the consumer experience in point-of-sale.


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Paperscent™ prize-winner of PM'up

The district Ile-de-France for the innovation

Paperscent company was selected on March 8th, 2017 as the PM’up laureate by the district Ile-de-France, for the development and the diversification of its business activities, in particular for the launch of its innovation Paperscent™.

Created in 2008 by the district Ile-de-France, this price aims at supporting the growth of the dynamic and innovative SMEs/SMIs, allowing them to obtain a tailor-maid support over 3 years to help them accelerate their development projects (international, corporate social responsability, recruitment ...).


The selection criteria of the projects are indicated below :

  • Viability of the company
  • Relevance of the strategy
  • Potential of job creation
  • International development potential
  • Project contribution to the development of the district Ile-de-France  

As the winner and to promote young people’s access to the labor market, Paperscent will host several interns within the company.

EUROSHOP promoted Paperscent™ at international level

The Middle-East, India, Australia, Russia, South Africa

Paperscent™ was an integral part of the most promising SMEs and start-ups in France by joining the selective exhibitor stand of Business France with French Tech and Picom.

We received delegations from Russia, the Middle East and India who were fascinated by the new way to test the perfume that Paperscent proposes.

Retail leaders came in large number from the whole world to discover the new device and were able to appreciate profits which the product can bring them.

Paperscent™ answers not only their problems of a saturated olfactive environment, but also theft of tester bottles and brand identification, but also brings a great innovation on the digital field : the interaction with the consumer and the big data.

NRF, the conquest of the United States

Seen at the Atos, Ses-Imagotag, Worldline and Dassauld System exhibitor stands.

The device was exposed at the digital giants exhibitor stand that highlights the connected store of tomorrow, and the Paperscent™ device represented the cosmetic field.

For this special occasion, Paperscent™ was customized in a small autonomous terminal.

The terminal incorporates an SES-Imagotag electronic tags in order to offer an interactive display and above all to communicate with the consumer, directly in contact with the tag. 

Thus, the consumer will be able to receive information, share, comment, or order the product on his smartphone.

The innovative start-up at the Paris Retail Week

The launch of Paperscent™

Paperscent™ welcomed on its booth thousands of curious visitors willing to experiment their perfume connected first time experience.

The visitors were able to see the different options offered by the device, and appreciated a direct interaction photo module with Paperscent™.

The Paris Retail Week was also an opportunity for the press to discover the digitized innovations. But also the last creations of services, designs and productions for the merchandising tools offered by Paperscent.

Atos, digital partner of Paperscent™

The giant of the points of sale digitization conquered by the innovation

Atos, the European leader in digital services, reveals its partnership with Paperscent™ to bring to his customers a revolutionary experience in perfume testing. 

By integrating the device connected to their various digital solutions, Atos can offer its customers to analyze some data based on consumer preferences and improve the in-store experience while interacting with the consumer directly on his smartphone.    

Meeting with the future President

Paperscent™ pushes the perfume industry at Cosmetic 360

We had the opportunity to present Paperscent™ to Emmanuel Macron during his stay at the Cosmetic 360 show in 2015.

At this point, the Paperscent™ adventure had only just begun.

The objective of the show was to introduce the concept to the entire professionals and to ensure that the idea of a perfumed dispenser and a name’s brand embossed on the tester was in step with the market needs.

Following this fair and the very favorable brands distributors reactions, we made every single effort to ensure that Paperscent™ would be available as soon as possible !