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sc ent
Pull the paper strip A simple gesture that prompts Paperscent™ to instantly dispense branded and scented perfume strips.
Storage Paperscent™ has the capacity to store up to 350 paper strips; This is approximately eight times greater than traditional perfume-testing methods.
Spraying Paperscent™ instantly sprays a small dose of fragrance on the paper, cutting the consumption of tester bottles by 300%, yielding significant monetary and inventory savings whilst improving the quality of the scents by preventing the inevitable nauseating mix of several scents sprayed within close proximity of one another.
Embossing The desired text, generally the brand or fragrance name, is embossed on the paper upon the pullling of the strip, enabling the consumer to effortlessly identify previously tested perfumes.
Electronic Paperscent™ comes with all the necessary connections to plug in a wide range of digital solutions required for any business.
Activated carbon Drained perfume particles stored within Paperscent™ prevent the scent from leaking out of the device, preserving the point-of-sale atmosphere.
Paperscent™ is an innovation

18 months of research and engineering
1 international patent
In a brief, six-month collaboration with the ICAM Paris-Senart engineering school, we worked with five engineering students who validated their year end degrees
by helping us design the first Paperscent™ model used to produce prototypes and ultimately, the final Paperscent™ product.